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Acca Insurance

If you love a bet on the football, you’ll likely be familiar with Acca bets. Some bookies will even go as far as offering their players accumulator insurance.

Acca Insurance Offers – What Are They?

There are a few terms and conditions that you’ll find with acca insurance if the bookies are offering it. Accumulator insurance can sometimes be called acca edge, they will give you your money back as a free bet instead of you being able to withdraw that cash. As well as this, that free bet might have to be used up in a certain time period.

There is typically a minimum number of teams that need to be put into your accumulator for you to be entitled to acca insurance. The minimum is usually 5 teams, commonly known as a 5-fold. On the odd occasion, you might find that some bookies might let you get away with just having 4 teams in your accumulator but rarely does this happen.

There is also a limit on how much can be refunded, some bookmakers have a maximum refund of up to £25, whereas others can have a maximum of £50. There is no minimum stake for an acca saver promotion.

In a Nutshell:

  • Choose 5 teams to win in an acca bet
  • Bet £10 on all teams to win
  • Teams A, C, D and E win, but B doesn’t
  • Without insurance, you lose
  • With insurance, you get your £10 bet to have another go

Acca Edge

Acca insurance, or acca edge, is extremely easy to understand. The way it works is you pick 5 teams to win or draw, however you think the result will finish. After placing your bet and choosing the outcome of your 5 teams, you then wait for the action to unfold.

After the results are in, if 3 or fewer results match the outcomes you put in your accumulator bet, then the bet loses, and you are not entitled to acca insurance. If 4 of the 5 results come through, then your bet has still lost but under the terms of acca insurance, you can claim your refund as a free bet. Then obviously if all 5 teams win in your accumulator then you will receive the full winning amount, which is withdraw-able.

Acca Insurance Example

Now that we have seen how this accumulator bonus works, let’s take a look at an example of an accumulator bet that you could possibly place that would comply with a football acca insurance.

You have placed a 5-team football acca, seen below:

Manchester United to Win, Manchester City to Win, Juventus to Draw, Real Madrid to Win, Chelsea to Draw.

If the top for results are correct and then Chelsea win but you predicted a draw, then that means 4 of your 5 results were right and your bet loses, however under the terms of acca insurance, you can receive your betting stake back as a free bet. Acca insurance can work on a range of different football leagues, football matches and other sports.

Bookies That Offer Acca Insurance

There are a lot of bookmakers over on Max Free Bets that offer acca edge to its customers. It is particularly useful for punters that place accumulators constantly. Some of the best bookmakers include:

Sportingbet Acca Insurance

This is one of the minimum 5 stake acca deals. However, what makes it great is that it’s for all sports. Also, note that you need to opt-in for the insurance. Furthermore, it offers a refund up to £20 as a free bet. The minimum odds are 1/5 and the free bet refund has an expiry of 7 days.

Ladbrokes Acca Insurance                  

The maximum refund for acca insurance on this particular bookie is £25. As well as that, there can only be a win or draw market selection included. Also, take a look at the new and existing customer offers at Ladbrokes to further improve your betting experience, they have more than just Ladbrokes acca insurance, including best odds guaranteed and enhanced odds.

Paddy Power Acca Insurance

They have dropped the minimum number of picks from 5 to 4, which is awesome. The minimum odds are 1/5 and it applies to football only. Your stake will be returned as a free bet that expires within 7 days. You can also use the acca insurance on same game multiples, which is great.

10bet Acca Insurance

This is perfect if you’re a lover of betting on American sports as 10bet offers American Acca Insurance. Generally, it is used on NBA and/or MLB, NHL and NFL. This is also another opt-in insurance offer, so be aware. There is a minimum £5 stake with a maximum £10 refund. Minimum selection is 5 picks with minimum odds of 3/5. Your refund comes in the form of a free bet which expires after 7 days.

Betfred Acca Insurance

Similar to Ladbrokes, Betfred says that you have to have a minimum of 5 teams in your selection and the maximum refund is £25. This is quite high in comparison to other acca protections rules set in place by competitors.

Betfair Acca Insurance

Betfair follows the same rules, win, draw win markets only. They allow customers to ensure their sports bets on both the sports betting and betting exchange side. Take a look at the betting promotions that Betfair can offer you that could benefit your Betfair acca.

BetVictor Acca Insurance

The markets acca edge applies to here is for win, draw, win & BTTS combinations. The maximum refund you can get is £10 in free bets. BetVictor acca insurance has known to be hugely reliable to customers.  When you then re-wager the free bet, the stakes are not returned if that particular bet wins.

888Sport Acca Insurance

This applies for Football, Horse Racing or Greyhound accumulators. There has to be a minimum of 6 legs all at odds of ½ or longer. This only applies for match or race win markets and the maximum refund is £25.

Along with these acca insurance terms, you can also claim the welcome bonuses and free bets offered by these particular bookies. Acca insurance is extremely valuable to repeat customers who love to place accas.

That free bet refund might just be the free bet that wins you more money. If you are still unsure about acca edge and want to give it a try, then start off with a low betting stake and also add favourites to your acca to ensure you are more likely to either win the accumulator or receive your refund in free bets.

Bwin Acca Insurance

This is another 5 pick minimum insurance offer. Furthermore, they offer you a refund free bet up to £25 if one of your teams loses. You also need to opt in for this offer too. The minimum odds are 1/5 and it’s available for football accas only. The free bet expires after 7 days.

BoyleSports Acca Insurance

This is another insurance option that is opt-in only. So, no opt-in and no insurance. This is another 5 selection offer with a minimum odds requirement of 1/5. However, like many, it’s available on football only.  You will bet awarded a free bet refund if one team loses up to a value of £20 and your free bet is valid for 7 days after receipt.

VBet Acca Insurance

They label this their ‘Express Insurance’ – although quite why they do so isn’t yet clear to us. There is a slightly higher minimum pick requirement of 6, which makes it tougher, and a minimum odds of 1/2. Furthermore, it is available on football only. However, they do offer a 100% free bet refund up to €50 with an expiry time of 14 days, which is better than many

William Hill Acca Insurance

One of the best bookmakers to offer you acca insurance is William Hill. They are the most popular amongst customers and it is clear to see why. Take a look at our William Hill Accumulator Insurance page and get playing today! Also view their other promotions, including an acca boost offer.

Acca Insurance Terms and Conditions

Although there are different bookmakers offering sports acca insurance, and some of the rules may alter slightly, there are still some terms and conditions that apply for all bookmakers or at least most cases to allow you to qualify for acca insurance. Here are some generic acca insurance rules to consider:

Five-Fold Accumulator: One rule that applies for a lot of the sportsbook’s, is that the accumulator bet you place, must have at least 5 selections in it. It can have more than 5 if you want it to, but the lowest it can have is typically 5.

Market Odds Required: When you are looking at the acca insurance promotion at your bookmaker, take time to look at the market odds for the offer. There will be minimum odds that you can bet on, for example, William Hill uses odds of 1/5 or greater.

Markets: You can not use acca insurance for every sport unfortunately, there are only specific sports that allow the use of this bonus. Ensure you are checking to make sure that you are betting on a market that is valid for it.

Bet Expiry: You will have a select number of days to re-wager your free bet before it expires.

Further rules will be laid out by the bookmaker offering the promotion, make sure you read through them before thinking that you are eligible for accumulator insurance.

Sporting Markets for Acca Insurance

Maybe at some point in the future, acca insurance will become accepted on more sports, but in the meantime, we only use it on what we have now. There are a select few sports that are valid for this particular promotion. These sports include Darts, Football, Horse Racing, Boxing, Tennis.

You can use acca insurance on some of the greatest competitions and events for these sports, including Cheltenham Festival, World Cup, FA Cup, Championship league, English Premier League, Italian Serie, La Liga, Champions League, Scottish Premiership, and more!

Along with these acca insurance terms, you can also claim the welcome bonuses and free bets offered by these particular bookies. Acca insurance is extremely valuable to repeat customers who love acca betting. That free bet refund might just be the free bet that wins you more money. If you are still unsure about acca edge and want to give it a try, then start off with a low betting stake and also add favourites to your acca to ensure you are more likely to either win the accumulator or receive your refund in free bets. It is clear to see that a lot of betting sites offer acca insurance, so why not take advantage of it yourself and experience risk-free bets that have guaranteed payouts.

Acca Insurance FAQ Guide

What is the minimum deposit requirement?

Typically, there is no minimum deposit amount for acca insurance. All there is is a maximum refund amount, which is typically between £20 – £30.

Do all bookies offer acca insurance?

Most Bookmakers offer acca insurance but not all. You can take a look at which ones do in the previous post where a lot of the best acca insurance betting sites is listed.

Can I place an acca with more than 5 selections?

The answer is yes. You can have as many selections included as you want to comply with acca insurance as long as it is above 5.

What if I lose by more than one selection?

Then, unfortunately, acca insurance cannot cover this and therefore your betting stake will not be returned as a free bet.

The Best Sites for Acca Insurance

In our experience, these are the top three sites for getting insurance on your acca according to our strict criteria:

  1. SportingBet – Great for a Range of Sports
  2. Paddy Power – Best on Football Accas
  3. 10bet – Best for American Football Accas 

Acca Insurance Comparisons

Here we compare the best acca insurance choices based on all of the most important factors that we took into consideration.

The Best

BookieNo of PicksOddsExpiry TimeValue
SportingBet52.487 days£20
Paddy Power42.077 days£10
10Bet510.487 days£10

What We Look For

If we pick a top acca insurance, then they need to fulfil certain criteria. Here’s exactly what we are looking for:

The Minimum Number of Selections Needed

This is the lowest number of picks you need before you trigger the insurance. Ideally, the bookie will need 4 or 5 minimum selections. The reason accas payout so much is because they are tough. The more picks you have to make, the more likely it is you’ll lose. So, the more you get right, the tougher it is to handle if you miss out by just one. So, when we looked at best acca insurance, we looked at the lowest number of picks needed.

Bookies that offer 4 pick insurance:

  • Paddy Power

The Minimum Odds Requirement

Every bookie offering insurance will have a minimum odds requirement attached. When looking, we found the lowest minimum odds offered was between 1/10 all the way up to 7/10. If you start multiplying your odds by the minimum pick selection, it will become obvious how tough it is to win your acca – or even just dropping one. So, acca minimum odds was another factor we looked at.

The bookies offering lowest odds were:

However – there were others lower than 10bet, but because they offered the insurance on US sports, where bets would be created on handicap markets so it’s better than it looks.

The Sports Selection on Offer

Many bookies offer a number of sports with acca insurance. Generally, it started off for football accas and some just stick with that. However, with many, the sports selection is growing. Therefore, we believe that the acca flexibility is important when choosing your insurance. SO here are the top bookies that offer more than footie accas:

The bookies with more sports:

Length of Time to Claim Refund

With all bookmakers, they offer refunds that come as either bonus tokens, free bets or bonus bets. All offer the same opportunities. However, what does differ is the terms attached to the refund – and how long after the loss you can use your bonus fund once put into. So, we looked at the sites that offer at least one week. We believe all refund bonuses should be available to use for at least 7 days, so you have the choice to wait for the next weekend if you want. This is important because a number of bettors only bet at weekends. Most offer expiry dates between 3 days all the way up to 30 days. Most are between 5 and 7.

Refunds Bets with the Longest Shelf Life

  • Vbet – 14 days

We were very disappointed to note that some of the bigger names, such as 888sports and BetVictor that offered just 3 days.

Be aware that the refunded bets are not qualified for the insurance offer.

List of Bookies that Offer Acca Insurance

Here’s a list of bookmakers that offer acca insurance 2019 for your bets. Obviously there is different criterium available for different free bet refunds, with many offering more than just footy acca insurance. We’ve looked through heaps of different bookmakers to find the best available to you and the best have been mentioned in the earlier table. However, there are many decent options available, so we have brought together a number of good options, with what they each offer.

Acca Insurance Bookies 2019

BookmakerMinimum No of PicksMinimum OddsSports Available
Paddy Power41.20Football
SportingBet51.50All Sports
10bet51.60US Sports
888sport61.503 different sports

*Minimum odds of whole acca

We also included:

  • Coral Acca Boost
  • Betfair Acca Edge

The Overall Terms and Conditions Comparison

BookieMinimum PicksMinimum Odds TotalExpiry TimeRefund Offer
Paddy Power42.07710