Neteller Betting Sites

Neteller is a very popular e-wallet that customers like to use as a professional and high-quality payment method to give you a better online gambling experience. As a business, Neteller have really taken the gambling industry by storm and have risen in growth, with more and more players choosing Neteller as their preferred method of payment. Whether it is for a sports betting site or a casino, Neteller can help you financially fund your gambling account. With it being so widely accepted, almost every betting site caters for it and it can be used for most betting markets.

You will find that on most betting sites, Neteller is there, advertised as a potential payment option for you to use. Neteller is known for betting very trustworthy and reliable with its funds, giving you fast access to money, whether you are depositing it or withdrawing it. As well as fast pay-out speeds, they also have an excellent customer service team in place.

Neteller is able to accept currencies from many different places in the world, including places like: Latvia, Romania, Mexico, Estonia and more! As well as your obviously choices such as the United Kingdom.

See below, a list of Neteller friendly bookmakers who will allow you to pursue your betting needs with Neteller payments. Tcs apply.

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Most betting sites that you came across will accept Neteller as a payment option due to its convenience and high popularity. If you are a customer who chooses Neteller as your preferred method of payment or would like to use Neteller as a payment option, then these are some of the many betting sites that you can use it on:


Ladbrokes are one of the many betting sites to accept the use of Neteller. They have an instant deposit time, meaning as soon as you press deposit, the funds will be in your betting account ready for use. The withdrawal time isn’t the greatest but it by far isn’t the worst. An estimated 6 hours for withdrawals to reach your bank account. Ladbrokes also have many promotions on their site which you can access using Neteller, as well as that, you can also activate the welcome bonus, which is a £20 free bet. You can read more about Ladbrokes Promo Codes that are available for you to claim.


Coral is another widely popular betting site that offers Neteller as a successful payment method. Similar to Ladbrokes, the depositing time is instant, so you do not have to do any waiting around for funds to reach your betting account. In terms of withdrawals, players could wait up to 24 hours for funds to be back in their bank account, this isn’t ideal, however, for a betting site like Coral, it is definitely worth the wait.


Maybe not all punters have come across 10Bet before, if this is the first time, then make note of it as you will be seeing a lot more of them, with their growing popularity in the market. 10Bet are a very generous and well-rewarding betting site that allow the use of Neteller. If you are new to 10Bet, you can claim a welcome bonus of up to £100 on your first deposit using the code WB10BET. However, to claim this promotion, you cannot use e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller and therefore to start with, you will have to use a different method of payment.

William Hill

One of the oldest bookmakers around, William Hill. William Hill allow the use of Neteller as a payment method and are quite generous to players using it. The minimum deposit amount from Neteller is £5, which is the lowest you will find for some bookmakers, in comparison to others who have a minimum deposit amount of £10 or even £15 sometimes. Again, the deposit speed is instant. For withdrawals, the estimated speed is 24 hours, which isn’t the best, however it isn’t the worst. In comparison to some bookies it is fast, as others can take up to 5 days. Read about the William Hill Promo Codes that you can claim.


888Sport can also be quite generous with its rules regarding Neteller. It has a minimum deposit amount of £10, which is higher than Coral and William Hill but is lower in comparison to betting sites such as Unibet and Betfair. It allows you to access funds as soon as you have deposited them, and it can take between 2-5 days for withdrawals to reach your bank account, which isn’t great.


To make a deposit with Neteller, is a very simple and fast process. We have created a step by step guide in order for you to understand how to deposit funds with ease:

  1. Enter your Neteller ID.
  2. Enter your Neteller Security ID.
  3. Put in the desired amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Deposit the funds and then they will appear in your betting account.

Mobile Gambling

Players are still able to access and make deposits/ withdrawals from Neteller via their mobile device. Either using the internet or the betting app, you can successfully make payments through Neteller and then spend them on your betting account. Just enter the same details as you would if you were to use the web version.


Security is extremely important when it comes to payment methods, your personal details are involved and therefore need to be kept safe at all times. Neteller is extremely safe and keeps your financial data only between necessary parties. Neteller works with reliable betting sites and casinos that can also ensure the safety of your details. So you do not have to worry about your details being leaked.


Neteller don’t charge you any extra fees for transferring money through them. So if you want to deposit £10 into your bank account, there are no added percentages, the full £10 will reach your account.

Customer Support

The Neteller support team are very helpful in assisting you with any problems you may be having regarding your Neteller account. You can either Email them or contact them through Telephone support. As well as this there are a section of FAQs that could potentially have the answer you are looking for.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Neteller is extremely safe, your bank details aren’t given straight to the betting site, they stay with Neteller. Therefore, it takes away some of the worry players may have with new casinos and betting sites.

Players using Neteller are entitled to specific bonuses associated with Neteller. Some betting sites and casinos will encourage the use of Neteller by offering these types of bonuses. Neteller can be used on casinos so if you are signed up to a sports betting side that also has a casino side, you will not have to switch payment method and can stick with Neteller.

On the other hand, some sports betting sites have payment exclusions on their promotions that include Neteller. A common example is that bookies don’t let you use any type of e-wallets for bonuses and promotions. Therefore, if this is the case, you will not be allowed to use Neteller as a way of claiming promos. However, after you have claimed them using an alternative payment method, you can then continue to use Neteller to place your normal bets like on horse racing and football. You can read more on how to bet on these Sports with out Football betting guide, you will learn how to bet on football.


Overall, Neteller is definitely worth using as a preferred method of payment, as an alternative to the likes of PayPal or if you aren’t comfortable with using debit/ credit cards. If you aren’t familiar with Neteller then read through their t&cs before you create an account with them. The only real disadvantage is the fact that they are excluded from some payment methods. That does not mean to say that you can’t use it on any promotions, some do allow it, even some sign up bonus offers allow the use of Neteller. Whether it is a free bet or deposit bonus offer. Neteller does give you a better and more safe online betting experience than some of the other payment options you can use. The process payment time is relatively fast in comparison to other payment methods. Depositing cash is simple, all you need is your account ID and security ID. Bookies are generous with Neteller in the sense that they give you a high withdrawal limit, the withdrawal option is important to consider as some payment methods may only allow small withdrawals, making it a longer process for you to withdraw all funds to your account.