Love Island Betting

If you haven’t heard about Love Island yet then you are probably living somewhere far away from any sort of press media, it’s everywhere you look! A lot of bookmakers have been fast to release their betting odds on who they think will be the winning male and female of the first winter edition of the Love Island series.

Reality TV betting has become very popular, with shows like Celebrity big brother being offered by bookmakers.

One of the main bookmakers offering you odds on the Love Island contestants is Ladbrokes.  You can take a look at Ladbrokes and it’s free bets here on MaxFreeBets. It’s early to say who will yet – couples fall at the final hurdle and spanners can often be thrown into the works. This time we’re taken away from Majorca (which is still pretty chilly this time of year – so no bikinis) and we’re heading off to South Africa – just in time for there summer. So, lots of beach bodies out! So, what do we need to know before we watch – and place our bets on – the TV trash we hate to love – Love Island!?

What You Need to Know…

Love Island Betting Tips and Odds Winter 2020

Where and When is it?

Normally, we’d be heading off to the popular island of Majorca, but for the winter edition, it will be filmed in a tailor-made villa based in Cape Town, South Africa. The show starts officially on Sunday, Jan 12th and will go right through to March, so it will see us through those long winter nights. Moreover, we can get inspiration after gorging on Christmas goodies as we see these honed and toned bodies prancing around in their swimmers.

You can catch the action every evening (apart from Saturday, when they give us a recap and what we haven’t seen previously) on ITV2 at 9pm, so you get to see it every night! Better clear those diaries and say cheerio to your social lives.

The Hostess with the Mostess

Unless you’ve completely avoided all media this winter (which is unlikely if you’re interested in Love Island), then you’ll know that Caroline Flack’s younger man had an unfortunate run-in with her lamp. Throw in a few police and a lot of blood, and we ended up with some seriously bad PR – hence the Flack stepping back. She has made way for the lovely Laura Whitmore, who will take over. Luckily enough, it will be a love island for her also, as she is currently romantically involved with Love Island voice Over, Iain Sterling. We’re sure she’ll do a sterling job.

Love Island’s Social Media

Love Island is the programme of Social Media dreams. These are people that live and die by Instagram and share their entire lives with their followers. If you want to follow it, then they have their own Social Media Twitter handle – @Loveisland (tough to remember eh?) You can find the most up-to-date gossip here. You’ll be able to find out all about (and follow if you’re lucky) these celeb wannabes. Also, expect to find a whole load of Love Island hashtags. Last year we had a huge following for #tommyandmolly. Who will be trending this time? It’s still all to play for.

The Love Island Lie Detector

One of the most popular, if not the most controversial (we’re sure there’s no link there), was the Love Island lie detector episode. Goodness me did that cause some commotions. The Love Island ladies got to write a number of questions to ask their current partner to see if they were lying or telling the truth. This could make – or break – the strongest of couples. Asking your fella if he thinks the glamour-model new contestant is hot will never get you the answer you want. This often causes issues for most couples – especially if one of the questions is “do you love me?”. However, it seems that this caused too much upset and as such, they decided against it. Oh well – there’s always Casa Amour.

Winning Love Island

So, is there a formula you can adopt to guarantee being a winner? Can you bank on getting that money – and a bit of loving at the same time? Well, the first contestants to enter will certainly not be the last. Young men and women will be thrown in all throughout the weeks to cause mayhem and disruption. Old faces will go and new faces will join. It’s not guaranteed that any of this year’s OGs will win (although the winning couple normally has at least one of the originals).  The first female contestants line up and are asked to step forward for the new guys that they like as they come in one by one. The guy then sees who is options are and picks who he likes (although he can go with anyone – not just a girl who has stepped forward. If no one steps forward he picks who he likes. However, a girl can step forward even if she already has a fella. Eventually, the couples are established. They then add new people, stir it up and keep having these recouplings. People who fail to get picked get sent packing. Often, the winning couple gets together early on and stays together for the whole show (i.e. Jack and Dani), but sometimes it’s a poor person who has been unlucky in love and finds salvation at the last knockings (Amber and Greg). One half of the winning couple then gets a cheque for £50,000 and has to choose whether to share or steal. To this day, everyone has shared (it’s better for their social media presence).

Getting Your Place in the Villa

Fancy joining the villa and becoming a z-lister? Well, if you are, you need to factor in some considerations Ideally, you will have some link to another z-list celebrity… last time we had Tyson Fury’s brother and AJ Pritchard’s brother. That’s always a good start. Ideally, you might have even had a brush with celeb-dom in the past (Marcel and his Blazin’ Squad days). You do really need to possess heaps of confidence – and a body that looks good in swimmers. Also being around or under 25 also helps.  However, if you have masses of personality, then being a model like person isn’t necessary (for the boys in particular) as Jack Fincham and Nathan Massey got by mostly on personality and a cheeky face. Wouldn’t hold my breath on trying that tactic if you’re a woman though.

The Language of Love

It can be tricky understanding what they say if you haven’t seen it before, so here’s our guide to Love Island lingo:

  • Vibing – to get on well with someone
  • Eggs in one basket – to focus on one person only
  • Full-on factor 50 – going in heavy and laying it on
  • Snakey – someone who goes behind people’s backs and acts badly
  • Crack on – to get it on, make moves on someone
  • Stick it on him/her – to tell someone you like them
  • Salty – could be used to mean either bitchy, aggressive or sexy
  • Muggy – someone playing you for a mug – ‘a muggy thing to do’
  • Doing bits – getting a little fruity
  • My type on paper – someone that you’d normally go for in the real world
  • Pied off – dumped, rejected
  • Mugged off – made to look stupid
  • Melt – a soft person, someone who’s soppy
  • Grafting – putting in work to get someone’s attention.

Betting on Love Island

Finding the Best Love Island Betting Odds

Just as knowing everything about Love Island is important, finding the best Love Island odds is also important if you want to be lucky in love and money. When the show begins, all the bookies will start giving out competitive odds, promotions and offers to get your custom. They will then alter the odds based on the popularity of each couple and see how the couples are perceived by the public. So, if you want to keep one step ahead, we suggest you check out social media as this will give you a good idea of where the popularity lies. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will always give you a good idea. So, to find the value bet, seek out popular opinions and find odds that give you value.

Top Love Island Betting Tips and Strategies

It’s always going to be tough to predict, especially at the beginning, as there will be so many comings and goings. People will leave the people, and fresh faces will arrive. The newbies can shake it all up, especially when it comes to couples we think are strong at the start. They can throw out all the odds from just the day before. However, the public often likes a couple that gets it on from either day one or near the very start and remains faithful and true throughout (Jack and Dani, Kem and Amber, Cara and Nathan). Generally, the couples have a rollercoaster ride but always stick together. If you are looking for a value bet, then go for a couple that isn’t given much air time at the start. Couples with less air time get higher odds. Also, take into account the likeability of the contestant. Some just aren’t likeable… arrogant, argumentative or flaky contestants are ones to avoid. If you look at the past winners, there are some clear patterns. people like a low key and faithful couple. Or they like to see a woman who has been treated badly meet the man of her dreams (i.e. Amber and Greg).

What Love Island Bets Can I Make?

If you want to make a bet on Love Island, there are a few to make. People first started betting when it came onto the scene in 2015. It started on Winner markets They then had markets for top male, top female, next elimination, top four and more

Do You Believe in Life After Love… Island?

The High Points

There are a number of contestants who have used Love Island to get their faces known on TV and have become popular TV personalities. Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay have done well, and Kem has been a contestant on Dancing on Ice and helped present the show with Holly and Phil. Chris has also become a well-known face on the horse racing scene. Wes has also had some success. He was last year’s runner up on Dancing on Ice and was a contestant in this year’s Celebrity X-Factor as part of the group No Love Lost, with ex-contestants Zara, Samira and Eyal. Alex and Olivia were the first couple to get married from the show. Cara and Nathan are engaged and have a baby. Jamie and Camilla are also still together and have used it as a platform for humanitarian works and to raise profiles of various charities. Curtis and Tommy had a spin-off show recently, Maura is on Dancing on Ice currently and Curtis is on The Greatest Dancer. Used the right way, it can give you a real foot up.

The Low Points

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out so well for everyone, as has been publicised this year. Unfortunately, 2019 saw the death by suicide of two former contestants – Sophie Gradon and Mike Thaliassitis. Although there is no definite link to the show and the suicide, it did raise concerns that he young people are thrown to the wolves and then left to fen for themselves. What do they do when the fame goes? Can they adjust to returning to their old lives again after having a taste of celebrity? Can they cope with the odious keyboard warriors? Question marks have been raised about their aftercare procedure. Love Island spokespersons have stated that they put a lot of effort into aftercare and they have access to help whenever needed. There are still a few couples together from summer 2019 – Molly and Tommy, Curtis and Maura, but the rest, including winners Amber and Greg, have all split.

Past Winners

Love Island 2019Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea (split)
Love Island 2018Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer (split)
Love Island 2017Kem Cetinay and Amber Davis (split)
Love Island 2016Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde (together)
Love Island 2015Jessica Hayes and Max Morley (split)
Celebrity Love Island 2006Calum Best and Bianca Gascoigne
Celebrity Love Island 2005Fran Cosgrove and Jayne Middlemiss

The Contestants

Love Island boys

The Boys

Conor Durman

His face might look familiar to some – because he’s actually the twin brother of famous comedian Russel Kane. Well, no, we’re lying, but he really could be. Seriously, if Russel hit the sunbeds (and spent a few years in the gym), then this might be the outcome. Anyway, his name is actually Conor Durman and he’s 25 years old. He sells coffee beans in Brighton, so we expect someone that’s bright and full of beans. Apparently, the reason he makes the perfect Love Islander is because he’s lived in Oz for about four years. According to him, this qualifies him as a grown-up and independent. He does it all for himself (but does he grow his own coffee beans I wonder?). He says that he has had “many new and different life experiences”. He also tells us that he’s had two big relationships – “one good and one bad” – couldn’t have been that good… So, is he mature as he reckons? With the image of Russel Kane in my head, not really sure I can picture it, but we’ll see. The person on TV that he fancies the most is Maya James, although I have no clue who she is. Google tells me that she’s a TV presenter… Anyway, he says his NY resolution is to “stop overthinking and do the things that make him happy” – obviously moving over to Oz wasn’t doing something to make him happy… neither was filling in the Love Island application?

Mike Boateng

Mike himself isn’t a celebrity (yet – although clearly that’s his goal). However, he does have a few links to the Z-lister world. He has a brother that was in 2016s Apprentice. Obviously didn’t do that well as we’ve never heard of him since. He also was a football player for a while, playing for Sheffield Utd. In fact, he played alongside Dominic Calvert-Lewin, the forward who plays for Everton (also known as the third-best team in Merseyside). Clearly he’s a shy and humble fella, because he believes that his “charm and character” makes him the perfect Love Islander. He also reckons he’s “easy to approach”, so it should be easy for him to speak to the girls. I reckon he might have to do some of the approaching himself though if he wants to put his eggs in anyone’s basket. He has a celeb crush (or two) a little more well-known than Maya James – Beyonce and Rihanna (not cliche at all). He says his NY resolution this year is to find a serious relationship. Seriously – that’s his reason for Love Island? I very much doubt it…

Callum Jones

Sorry – no apparent link to celebdom here from what I can see, so he’s making it on his own. He’s a 23-year-old Scaffolder hailing from Manchester. This “cheeky chappie” (as he describes himself, likes nothing more than a bit of builders banter. I seriously hope he won’t be standing there whistling every time a fit girl walks past. He also describes himself as down to earth – which is not easy when your job is working on scaffolding! He says his celebrity crush is Megan Fox. In fact, he describes his ideal woman as having long dark hair, tanned, red lippie and white nails (not sure he realises that it’s easy to apply nail polish!) He like an independent woman – so he might be fighting with Mike for Queen Bee. He obviously put a lot of thought into his NY resolution – “New Year, New Me”. Not really sure how he’ll measure its success come December? Obviously doesn’t like to commit himself to SMART targets!

Nas Majeed

Here we have another 23-year-old (seems to be a theme). Nas is a Sports Science graduate who moonlights as a builder. Maybe his ultimate goal in life is to build a gym? According to him, he’s “very different to guys who have been on the show before”. Although we’d be interested to know how. Apparently none of the others before him have been funny, caring or considerate. To be honest, looking at his picture, he looks EXACTLY like every other guy that’s been in the villa before. Oh, and describing yourself as funny is a dangerous game… people who call themselves funny are normally the least funny people on the planet He fancies Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine from the recent Disney remake of Aladdin). So can we expect to find him a lad in love by the end of the show? (too many Disney puns it hurts). Is he hoping the villa will be a whole new world for him? Sorry, feel like it’s going too Jafar now… Anyway, back to Nas. His NY resolution is not one really – to stay positive. Doesn’t really count unless he was a miserable get in 2019. So, is there a Jas for Nas? We’ll find out soon enough.

Ollie Williams

My personal favourite as he sounds so awful it’s awesome. This blonde beefcake will hopefully be a little more talkative than last season’s blonde beefcake, Charlie. Not hard – and very likely… This 23-year-old (yes, I know), doesn’t actually have a job or means of income. His role in life is being the heir to the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall. So basically he makes his withdrawals from the bank of mum and dad.  That sounds appealing. He may not have a brain; he may not have a job, but he’s got a six-pack and plenty of dosh (or he will have when his mum and dad kick the proverbial bucket). This grafter says that he’s an alpha male and is the “boss of the room” everywhere he goes. Obviously he only hangs out with mummy and daddy who didn’t learn the art of a good smack! He also reckons he makes all the jokes (maybe he can have a joke off with funny guy Nas). He’s also an attention seeker that like to be at the centre of everything. Hmmm. Furthermore, he prides himself on letting people know what he thinks of them. I’m sure he gets a lot of fans too judging by this write-up. He fancies Lily James, but he’s so far removed from Prince Charming, he’ll need a fairy Godmother to have any hope there. (oops, I watch too much Disney apparently). His NY resolution is to win Love Island. Hmmm – that normally goes to someone likeable, so unless he’s completely different from how he sounds, that will be a broken one. Let’s hope there’s a gold-digging personality vacuum in there just for him!
Love Island Girls 2020

The Girls

Shaughna Phillips

Shaughna is a little older than average, at the ripe old age of 25. (Hope she likes a toyboy). She is currently a Democratic Services Officer and hails from the capital. She calls herself (chatty, funny and clever”. She is soooo clever, in fact, that she thinks her startling intelligence will shock people she talks to. “When they hear me speak about certain things they’ll be shocked”. I’m sure they will, but not in the way she thinks. We’re sure Stephen Fry is quaking in his boots at the new brains on the block. However, she does like to get on with everyone, which is handy in a villa of umpteen strangers. However, she is a few years late in making it to the vila. Her celeb crush is Jack Fincham (winner of 2018 Love Island). She describes him as “a bit of me on toast”, yup, shockingly clever. However, if you’re an f*** boy, then she’s not going to be nice to you anymore, according to her NY resolution. Clever girl…

Sophie Piper

You might think you’ve seen her face before – if so, it’s because it’s very similar to her famous sister’s visage – Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays. Yes, ladies and gentleman, another z-list celebrity sibling to enjoy. Obviously, she’s seen her big sis get famous and wants to follow suit. At 21, she’s got plenty of time to make it. Currently hailing from Essex (so she can’t be that bad), she’s a Medical PA. In her eyes, she makes the perfect Love Island contestant because she is friendly and is “looking to find someone which is the main thing”. Maybe, but I reckon she’s actually looking to find someone to offer her a TV deal – which is really the main thing! She also says she’s very open to the experience of getting famous by sunbathing in a luxury villa for over a month. How very noble and self-sacrificing. To be honest, I don’t know many that wouldn’t be open to getting away from the UK for the whole of January and February! So, she’s perfect because of this – not her famous connection at all… Apparently, she’s a fan of Anthony Joshua (wonder if he’s got a brother to go in there – Tyson Fury did!) In fact, when she sees him box she shouts “Come on, use your right hook” but doesn’t actually know what it means. I’m sure clever clogs Shaughna can help her out there.

Leanne Amaning

At just 22 years old, Leanne Amaning seems to have had quite some life already. She went in for Miss Ghana in 2016 (however, she apparently didn’t win, so she can’t accidentally drop it in in every conversation she has…). No, 3 years later, she lives in London and works as a Customer Service Advisor. So will this beauty queen wannabe have what it takes? Well, apparently she’s perfect for the show because she’s un and “wants to find love” – although I’m pretty sure they all have to say that (not “I want to find fame and get my Instagram up to endorse trashy products for lots of money”). However, as she describes herself as “not very open”, she’s also hoping this will bring her personality out a bit more. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean climbing all over her fella of interest Yewande style.  Let’s hope she doesn’t open up too much as that has a history of not ending well for beauty queens! Taste-wise, she seems to like an older rugged man – just like Gerard Butler – all these 22 and 23-year-olds don’t bode well then – preened to within an inch of their lives. Her NY resolution is to stop eating so much chocolate. Purlease, maybe make a NY resolution of being more original?

Eve and Jesse Gale

Apparently, if you’re a twin, you don’t get your own paragraph. You get to be one half of the whole. Share a womb, share a paragraph… makes sense. Both of these blondes are students and ‘VIP Hostesses’ (whatever that may mean…) hailing from the capital. Coincidentally they are 20 – both of them. However, they do actually seem to be the same person judging by what they say in their pre-show interview! They are both confident (although anyone who signs up to wear a bikini n national TV every day for over a month has to be). However, Jess is “fun, confident and spontaneous”, whereas Eve is more “chilled out and easy-going”. Shockingly, they also share the same celebrity crush – Anthony Joshua, although they’ll have to tag-team Sophie for him (unless they all want to share a very happy man!). They also have matching NY resolutions. To become vegetarians… how very woke and bandwagonish. Apparently they both share the same brain cell as well, let’s hope they don’t get separated and have to split that one. They’ll have to borrow a few from Shaughna…


Ooh, we have another blondey – who could be the third Gale twin if you squint your eyes. However, she’s more a big sis as she’s 2 years older.  Paige is a singer that comes from West Lothian. However, she can’t be that good, or she’d have chosen the X-Factor route to fame, which gets a place on ITV, not it’s lesser sister channel. She’ll be looking for someone to make sweet music with no doubt. She calls herself “naturally flirty”, which is good on a dating show. In fact, she reckons that flirting “feels good”. This must be a dream come true for her then. She has travelled all the way to Cape Town to meet men from outside her small village (a little drastic). Although the number of time Islanders know each other on the outside can be no coincidence!) Credit where it’s due though, her taste in men is pretty good as she likes Tom Hardy – who was popular with last year’s ladies. The men are as far removed as possible though, so let’s hope she’s open-minded. Her NY resolution is to ease up a bit with her strong-mindedness. Looks like she’s turning over a new Paige…

Siannise Fudge

Nope, this isn’t some delectable sweet treat from the Middle East, it is the last of our lovely Love Island ladies. Ms Fudge is positively drawing a pension at the ripe old age of 25. She’s a Beauty Consultant and hails from Bristol. Let’s hope she likes them young eh? She calls herself “sassy and fun” aren’t they all, yawn. We should be getting a whole load of fun on our screens every night according to this! She also reckons she’s experienced “quite a lot with men” – not something I’d boast about in the national press That does mean, however, she knows what she’s looking for – as she has lots to compare it to! Her originality knows no bounds it seems as she’s also a fan of AJ – a four-way then as she’s so experienced?! Apparently her name is the most original thing about her. She also likes 1990s Leonardo DiCaprio. Still, this is Love Island, not a time machine, so that’s unlikely. Anyway, she’s 25… he likes them younger than that. Her NY resolution is to put herself first and chase her dreams (with help from a Time Machine apparently). This is clearly a good start to the year then. She might even meet someone she likes so much, that they get married, and she can change her name. She just needs to make sure she doesn’t fudge it all up.

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