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Published: 1st October 2019
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 25th August 2021

How To Bet On Golf – Your Guide To Golf Betting 2024

Betting on golf is straightforward once you’ve made sense of the numbers. This guide will explain how to understand golf betting odds and what to do with that information and which of our top betting sites is the best to visit for golf betting.

Why Bet on Golf?

Golf is a popular sport for U.K. gamblers because it offers a wide variety of markets. You can place wagers on things like the outright winner of a tournament, or head to head matches between golfers. In this betting guide, we will take a look at how golf betting works and the strategies you can use to maximize your bankroll. You can also check out our list of the best golf betting sites if you are wanting more information

Punters around the world wager on bets like group leaders, and the top nationality between the golfers. Popular events for golf betting U.K. include the Open and the U.S. PGA Championship. What separates sports betting golf from other games is the prop bets.

Wagers like ‘Will x player score a hole-in-one?” don’t work for other games. Bookmakers have embraced sports betting online by providing promotions such as free bets to increase customer attraction.

Let’s take a look at how golf betting works and the rules involved.

Golf Betting Rules

If you’re learning how to bet on golf, this guide will help with its golf betting odds explained. Before you spend any money, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of golf betting online.

General Rules

Tournament performance bets such as outright winners and top nationality wagers are valid if golfers play a predetermined number of holes. Alternatively, if the organizers declare final results, the bets would stand.

Withdrawn or Disqualified Players

If an outcome has already been satisfied, most rules dictate that the bet stands. Although if a player leaves before starting a round, they’re void.

Head-To-Head Matches

Most bookmakers require both competitors to tee off for the bets to stand. If neither golfer makes the cut, the one with the lowest score wins the matchup. If only one player makes it through, wagers on that golfer are successful.

If the players in the match up tie, the bet is considered a push, and the stakes are refunded.

Understanding Golf Odds

The available golf betting sites have plenty of golf tournaments and odds on these events and tournaments. Odds are displayed in three ways, depending on the website you visit or your gambling area.

The decimal odds are common in Europe and some areas of the southern hemisphere. These odds are useful because they tell you the exact amount of money your wager could win. All you have to do is multiply your stake by the number.

Decimal odds are probability-based. For example, if a player has odds of 24.0 that converts to a 4.16% chance of winning. The calculation is 1/24.0.

Players from the U.K. prefer odds displayed in terms of fractions. Determining the payout is simple; multiply your stake by the first number and then add your stake to the total.

Moneyline odds are favoured to display odds in America. If you wager £100 on +1200, a successful bet will payout £1200.

Now that we have the golf sports betting odds explained, we’re ready to move onto the types of golf bets.

Types Of Golf Bets

When you’re learning how to bet on golf, you should start with learning the main wagers. The following are the most common types in the latest golf betting markets.

Tournament Winner

This wager is placed on a specific player to win the tournament. The more popular a player is, the lower their odds, and subsequently, the payout.


Set lines between two or more players. The markets for these bets include head-to-head or each-way bets.


A set of wagers that increase your potential return. Each leg must win to fulfil the bet.


Wagers are placed on events that will occur in the future. These bets are generally the outright winners of tournaments.

Prop Bets

Side bets that are unaffected by the total results of the game. Stakes like hole-in-one predictions and over/under are prop bets.

You can also try your hand at accumulator betting and make the most of acca insurance – so you can try for that bigger win. Most bets you can make ante-post or in-play.

Golf Betting Strategy

You can do plenty of things to increase your odds of winning while betting on the best golf sites. Some paid programs, or golf betting systems, keep track of odds and trends. Or you can enjoy your hobby and do the research yourself.

Obviously, making the most of free bets and promotions is one way to make the most of golf betting. However, you can also try different strategies to get results. The best golf betting system is the one that helps you see results. You can soak up all of the tips, tricks, and strategies, but unless you put them together to create your perfect system, you won’t see the results you’re hoping to achieve.

Check Player Form

How has the player performed recently? Are they on a winning streak, or returning from a break? It’s important to understand the how and the why. Factors like injuries or extended breaks can severely impact a golfer’s form.

Review Course Conditions

Does this course have long or short holes? Does the player have better scores than competitors for this type of course? Is the weather going to cooperate, or will it storm, overheat, or freeze? All of these situations can affect the outcome of a tournament.

Look For Value Bets

A value bet is when you believe the bookmaker is wrong, and a player’s chances are higher than the odds they’ve displayed. These wagers are great because if you’re right, you’ll score big!

Vary Your Bets

Don’t settle on just one type of bet per tournament. Have fun with the prop bets, and switch things up a little. Bet on head-to-head matchups and other fun side bets like top nationality.

Don’t Always Choose Favourites

Some successful punters like to bet on the Top 10/ Top 20 Finishers. These are consistent players who rarely reach the top, but finish well and earn a decent income. Quite often these golfers go unnoticed by bookies and can win you some good money.

Popular Golf Tournaments

Betting on golf is a year-round sport, and there’s no shortage of best golf betting sites to keep up with the action. If you’re looking to place free bets, check your favourite casinos to see if they have any promotions like bet insurance or cashback. Those safety nets will help you if you’re making riskier bets.

U.S. PGA Championship

The American Professional Golfers Association hosts this annual championship tour in different U.S. locations. The current champ is Brooks Koepka, who beat the runner up by only two strokes. Popular bets at this event include head-to-heads and top nationalities.

The Open

Also known as the British Open, this tournament started in 1860 and has played in various courses throughout the United Kingdom. The current champion is an Irishman named Shane Lowry, who was sitting at odds of 66/1 the Monday before the tournament.

The Masters

The Masters is usually the first American tournament to start the season. This event differs from other Majors because instead of using different tracks, the Augusta National Golf Club hosts it every year. Players who win this tournament earn the coveted green jacket.

U.S. Open

The U.S. Open is held at different courses each year. The reigning champ of this tournament is Gary Woodland. His odds started at 80/1 at the beginning, but during the live play, betting swiftly changed to 5/1. U.S. Open golf betting is exciting because the odds fluctuate quickly as the players showcase their skills.

Best Betting Sites For Betting On Golf

Finding the best betting sites in the U.K. is a straightforward process. Look for qualities such as proper licensing, instant deposits, and free bet bonuses. You want to make the most out of your gambling budget, so look for a bookmaker that offers cashback or reload bonuses. – also, see if they offer other features such as edit bet, bet builder – and even live streaming.

If you’re looking for the best golf betting sites, look no further! Check out bet365, William Hill, or Unibet for the best golf betting markets and odds.


Now that we’ve gone over the latest golf betting tips and strategies, you should be ready for the next steps.

You’ve discovered the latest golf betting websites and examined the types of bets, so maximizing your profit from this point on is straightforward.

Find value, be aware of the course, and keep track of the players’ forms for the best way to bet on golf.

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