Treble Bet Calculator

treble bet calculator

Treble Betting Calculator

Have you ever placed a bet without knowing what the potential returns are? Perhaps you’ve fallen foul of the various multiples available and been tripped up and embarrassed by getting the stakes wrong on things like Lucky 15s, Yankees, Heinz and Super Heinz. Thankfully, that never needs to happen again thanks to the treble betting calculator.

There is a range of different betting calculators available and these can be used to help punters work out the best stakes for them as well as potential returns on your bets. A treble betting calculator, for example, can tell you the exact stake you pay and the returns for a varied number of results.

If all selections win, it’s an easy calculation and most experienced punters could work that out themselves. When you factor in things like rule 4s, each-way, losers and non-runners, however, things start to get complicated.

You’ll find a betting calculator, including a treble betting calculator, free to use on most respected online betting sites. All you have to do is look through the navigation bar that runs down the side of the homepage or along the top. You’ll often find the betting calculator listed near the end. Click the tab to open the calculator. It can then be tailored to suit your needs. Add more selections or take legs away. Add each-way and change the place terms from 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2. Add in non-runners, rule 4s, winners and losers. Change the stake amount. You are in charge.

Many bet calculators are completely free of charge and when using simple versions, like the treble betting calculator, you should never be asked to pay for the privilege. You can also do a basic internet search and you will find a list of free to use bet calculators. Ensure you go with a reputable site. An easy way to check the calculator can be trusted is by going through a major online bookmaker. They also have free online betting calculators and they are all perfectly accurate.

A Treble Bet Calculator

Any respected online betting calculator can be tailored to suit the treble bet. Simply click the tab and change the type of bet to a treble. This will automatically set the number of selections at three, but you can go in and move this up if you need to. Permed trebles include four or more selections and you are betting on at least three winning. The more legs you have in your treble the higher the stake will be. Keep this in mind to avoid any nasty surprises.

When using the betting calculator treble for basic bets you should input as much information as possible. Add the results of your three selections, the odds and any rule 4 or price changes. Then hit calculate and you’ll see information on the total stake, returns and profits. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting into before placing the bet and it also means there will be no nasty surprises when it comes to being paid out.

What is a Treble Bet?

A treble bet can be placed on any sport or a combination of different sports, such as football, boxing and rugby union. You can also add any market to your treble. For example, if placing a football treble, you can use match winner, both teams to score, total goals, handicap, bookings, corners or just about anything else that catches your eye. Again, you can even mix and match selections to include the three different markets and matches you fancy most.

A treble, in its simplest form, is a bet on three selections to win, all for one stake. If all three do as expected, you will be paid out for a profit. If one or more lose, your bet will be settled as a loser. If you pick is a non-runner or void for any reason, the bet remains live but becomes a double. As all three bets have to win, there’s only ever one stake.

The easiest way to think of a treble is one bet with three selections. They are all connected. Your stake goes on the first bet and if that wins the returns roll over onto the next bet. If that wins you have the first two going onto the third leg. There’s the potential for big returns with this type of bet. The prices involved usually determine how much of a stake you need to put down to ensure a decent profit. If you are betting on three odds-on winners of football matches, the stakes need to be higher. If you are taking three first goal scorers at big prices, you can usually go for modest stakes and still target a large pay-out.

An example of a treble on football may look like this…

Man City to beat Man Utd @ 1/3

Liverpool to beat Everton @ 1/2

Rangers to beat Celtic @ evens

If your total stake was £5 and all selections were correct, the bet would return £20 with a total profit on the bet of £15, that’s the £20 back minus your £5 stake.

Using a Treble Betting Calculator

The treble betting calculator can be used on any type of treble bets. These include horse racing with different each-way terms, rule 4s non-runners and dead-heats. Simply add the stakes, results and odds to get an accurate return on your investments. You can even use the treble betting calculator or permed trebles with four or more selections.

Can You Do it Without a Treble Calculator?

It is easy enough to calculate a simple treble yourself, without the need for a betting calculator. Simply take the stake and winnings from the first leg and apply it to the second. If that wins you must add all cash onto the third leg at the agreed odds. If the treble comes good your winnings will be the result of the final selection at the stake from the double. A treble calculator helps speed things up and takes away the risk of any mistakes. It also comes in handy with more complex trebles.

So, What is a Betting Calculator?

A betting calculator is a website or mobile app that calculates your bets for you, telling you total stakes, winnings and profits you can expect from each bet. The most basic betting calculators are free to use and can be accessed through a major bookmaker. It works on any number of selections, from singles up to stacked accumulators. The more information you have on the bet the more accurate the results will be.

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