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Double Bet Calculator

Double Betting Calculator

Modern sports bettors have never had it so good. There’s an ever-increasing number of ways to bet on your favourite sports, one of these is double bets. There’s also better value than we have seen in the past, cash out options and enhanced odds at sites such as 888sport. More ways to bet means more chances to make a profit.

If you are a less experienced gambler, however, it could all be a little daunting and may even put you off a bet. This was the case for a long time with many backers who were used to placing their bets in store before moving online. It was a fresh environment where, at times, nothing seemed to make sense. The reality is, however, there’s nothing upsetting about modern gambling and most bets are very easy to understand, with a bit of simple research.

When placing a bet it’s important you fully understand what your wager is going to cost – the exact bottom-line total – as well as how much it will pay if you win. When placing a double, for example, you need to know the potential returns to a £1 stake so you can decide on how much you’re going to gamble. If the odds are 250/1, for example, you want to keep your risks low. If it’s even money, you can afford to be a bit bolder in your wager.

The best way to work out exactly what your bet is going to pay is by using a trusted betting double calculator. You can buy these or use an online version, the latter being easier and much more affordable. Many bookmakers even offer betting double calculators free on their homepage. This helps keep you right and avoids any nasty surprises. There’s nothing more frustrating than backing a winner and expecting one price, only to be paid out a lower amount. Are you being shortchanged, or did you make an error in your calculations? The betting double calculator helps avoid all that.

Let’s look at a few different examples of the betting double calculator and how you can use them to benefit your sports bets…

Matched Betting Calculator

A matched betting calculator is a great tool for working out your bets. Input the numbers and it will tell you how much you need to gamble on each selection to guarantee a profit. This works best for punters covering all bases, those betting on all possible outcomes to scrape a profit, whatever the result. For example, in a football match, if you bet on the home win, draw and the away win for different stakes, you will ensure a return on your investment. The matched betting calculator advises how best to stake to maximise your returns.

A Free Standard Online Calculator

The online calculator is much simpler but no less effective. You’ll find it free to use on most betting sites. It works out your bets for you, detailing exactly how much stake will be required and the potential returns if your bet wins. You can also add each-way, rule 4 and non-runners. Ideal for working out multiple bets like Lucky 15s and Yankees.

How Does a Matched Betting Calculator Work?

A reliable matched betting calculator uses a simple formula to work out how much you need to stake on each selection to ensure a profit. Enter your stakes to back a selection and the odds, enter your stakes to lay a selection and the odds, add in the commission taken and click the calculate button. You will then have all the numbers you need to ensure you grab a profit – win, lose or draw.

What is an Each-Way Betting Calculator

This option is usually included in most online betting calculators and it’s great if you are creating each-way accumulators. Most punters can calculate their own returns if all selections win or place, but things get messy with a mixed bag of results. If some picks win, some place at 1/4 the odds 1-2-3, another at 1/5 the odds 1-2-3, there’ a non-runner, dead-heat or loser. It’s then you will be left scratching your head and in need of assistance.

The each-way betting calculator has all bases covered. You can add each-way, change the place terms, alter the result and even add in non-runners to the list. If you know the bet, result and the odds, the calculator will tell you how much you can expect to see as a return. This is a great piece of kit and it ensures you will never again be paid out less than you were expecting. When using the each-way calculator, however, it’s worth checking if there are any rule 4’s in your bets as these could affect the returns you are due.

The more information you add to the bet calculator the more accurate the results will be. Give it a try today, either before placing your bets or while your wager in in-play. It can even help with decisions on whether you should cash out or not. Is the offer competitive compared to the bottom line of your bet? You’ll know the answer if using a respected bet calculator.

Using a Double Betting Calculator

Here’s an example of how to use a bet calculator when placing a double…

  • Select the double option
  • Add in your unit stake
  • Select each-way yes or no

Input the number of selections. This will be set at two as it’s a double you have chosen above but, remember, you can bet on permed doubles with three or more selections.

Add the result of the first selection and the odds. If it placed as part of an each-way bet, you will need to know the place terms. There can be taken from your betting site or results service.

Add the result of your second selection and odds. Again, if you have placed an each-way bet, you will need to know the place terms. Was is 1/5 1-2-3 or 1/4 1-2? This makes a difference to your returns so ensure you input the correct details.

Press calculate and the numbers will appear.

You will see details of unit stake, number of bets, total stake, total return and total profit.

This can be done before placing the bet to ensure you get a stake that suits you and is affordable. It can also be done while the bet is live, so you know what to expect if the last selection wins, places or loses. Use it to weigh up against the cash out value being offered at any stage of the bet. The double betting calculator is a great tool and one used by all punters serious about beating the bookies.

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