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Accumulator Betting Calculator

Tucked away at the bottom of most navigation lists on major betting sites it would be very easy to miss the betting calculator tab. It’s far from the most exciting aspect of a sports betting excite and falls in behind eye-catching prices, big bonuses, promotions and new betting markets.

The betting calculator isn’t the main draw and it never will be. It is, however, an integral part of your betting experience. All profitable punters and those serious about beating the bookies will know exactly where to find the betting calculator and will use it before placing all wagers.

Why Use a Free Betting Calculator?

The reason for that is it’s a simple app but one worth its weight in gold. It can and will do it all. It will make you a better-informed punter and a more profitable player. How much does this piece of kit cost to use? The great news is it’s completely free of charge and is available on all reputable betting sites and mobile apps. Flick through the options and locate the betting calculator on your site of choice then familiarise yourself with how to use it.

The betting calculator is used by many casual backers to find out how much they are due after landing a winning bet. This avoids the risk of them looking foolish when taking themselves down to the betting office expecting a certain amount, only to be paid out at a lesser price.

There are a few other ways the betting calculator can come in handy. It can be used by those playing matched bets to ensure a profit whatever the outcome. Let’s take a football match as our example here. When using a betting exchange, you can back one team and lay the other and the draw to guarantee a profit. Knowing exactly what stake to put down is very important here as any errors will eat into your profit. Use the bet calculator to work out the stake needed to bet on your selection and lay the other two to get the best results.

If your team wins the match, you’ll be paid out at the price but must deduct the two lay bets from the bottom line. If one of the lay bets come good, you’ll be paid out but must minus the bet and other lay. This is a numbers game that can prove to be very profitable indeed, but you must get the numbers spot on. There’s no margin for error here. The bet calculator can help you get the stakes and lays perfect. Give it a try today.

Combining the Betting Accumulator Calculator and Cash Out

You can now cash out your bets online or in many betting shops. It has changed the way we gamble forever. You no longer have to wait until the end of the contest to find out of your wager was successful. Traders now offer you a cash-out amount that allows you to get out early for a profit or cut your losses and run, limiting the damage done by a losing bet. If cashing out your bet will end there and then. It doesn’t matter the final result, you’ll be paid your cash out and the bet settled. If the original wager wins or loses, your cash out is final and can’t be changed.

How can a betting calculator help with this? Well, it allows you to input all possible outcomes and see the returns for each. What if the last leg of a Lucky 15 loses? What if the first horse places? All this can be taken into consideration and you will then be in a better position to decide if the cash-out amount is worth taking or you should allow the bet to run to a conclusion.

This is particularly helpful when it comes to betting on football and football accumulators. As the time ticks down on your bet the price of a cash-out will shorten if one or more results aren’t going your way and it will edge up if all selections are winning. Use the betting calculator to check how much your acca will pay before deciding how much of a stake is needed to secure a healthy profit. It can also be put to good use in the event of a non-runner or match being abandoned. How will that affect your bottom line? The betting calculator ensures you are put firmly in the picture.

How to Use a Betting Calculator

One of the best features of a betting calculator is just how easy it is to use and that’s regardless of your experience using similar apps. Follow this step by step guide to using the bet calculator to place a six-team accumulator…

  • Choose the accumulator option
  • Set your stake
  • Pick each-way or not
  • Input the number of selections
  • Click set
  • Add the result of each leg, win, lose, place or void
  • Add the odds of each selection
  • If needed, put the each-way place terms
  • Hit calculate bet

You’ll then see the returns for unit stake, number of bets, total stake, total return and the all-important total profit paid for your bet. This can be done before the bet is placed, in running or after all results have been settled.

Making the Most of a Betting Odds Calculator

Knowing the betting odds for each bet is extremely important when using a betting calculator. As well as the odds you should know if you have taken advantage of best price guaranteed, secured the odds at the time of bet was struck or left it to starting price. You should also know if there are any rule 4s because of non-runners in the race. Adding the correct place terms of each-way bets is also necessary to get the best results. The more details added to the bet calculator the more accurate the results will be and the closer you’ll get to the bottom-line profit.

How to Work Out Betting Odds on Calculator

If you can’t access an online betting calculator you can always work out returns using your own handheld calculator. Here’s a basic description of how to do this for a four-fold accumulator.

Multiply the stake by the odds on the first selection, that’s your returns after leg one.

The total amount then goes onto leg two and if that wins, the amount continues to role over onto leg three and then leg four. You’ll see the more selections the more risk but the greater the potential rewards. You can also place a lower stake for accumulators with lots of selections to minimise the risk posed to your account balance.

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